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Suction excavators

Suction excavators are mobile machines which remove earth, debris and mud by using a high volume airflow. Suction excavator technology is appropriate for excavation in areas where a high risk of damage forbids the use of conventional excavators, where excavation by hand is ineffective or where construction side conditions make this impossible.
Suction excavators vacuum up debris and stones up to 25 cm in diameter and up to a weight of 35 kg.

The Benefits

Our suction excavator services are available all over the U.A.E. as well as in adjoining Middle East countries.

Heitmann suction excavators - state of the art

Sucking UP
Joint Sand


Exposing laid
cable systems

sand driftrs
on roads


Cleaning of
gutter drains

Sucking off

earth or mud

Tank Cleaning

Pipe Cleaning

How it works

The fan generates an air current of up to 44,000 m³/h and a maximum vacuum of 55,000 Pa. Earth, debris, mud and water are taken in through the suction hose, which can be moved three-dimensionally via a jointed hose carrier. The air current removes all material through the suction crown.

Solid materials up to 250 mm in diameter can be sucked up. The main elements are deposited in the collection chamber due to the air movement and rotation. Separation chambers provide further purifying and drying of the air stream.

The superfine filter unit separates the finest dusts from the air flow, before the purified air is discharged via a sound absorbing unit.

The collection chamber, the separation chambers and the fine-mesh filter unit are emptied whenever a tilting operation is performed. All functions of the superstructure are controlled via a radio operated remote control box.

Special Features

Technical Data

*depending on suctioned material

RSP suction excavators and units

Heitmann Middle East is the official partner of RSP, manufacturer of suction excavators and stationary suction units.

RSP is the market leader in the field of fans and suction technique and has a great deal of experience over years in the development and manufacturing of mobile and stationary suction units and customized solutions.

In combining different fan performance and carrier vehicle sizes, RSP offers the right solution for all areas of application. Unprofitable manual work can be replaced by using the RSP suction technique. In sensitive areas this technology provides a very high degree of safety.

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